About SheZone

SheZone is a sports club for girls and women of all ages and backgrounds. We focus on making a safe space for everyone to move their bodies, minds, and heart. We, SheZone, are a volunteer-driven association dreaming of making a difference. It’s SheZone’s which to create a framework that is accepting, involved, contributing, inspiring and curious for our members and volunteers. Everyone is welcome and can participate – regardless of culture.

SheZone being a sport club for girls and women only also means that there will only be girls and women present, at all times, during our offered classes, whether it be swimming, FunFitness or our events.


Join our community!

You can become a member by joining any of our teams. We offer several classes in Copenhagen – both in Nørrebro, Tingbjerg and Valby. You can join as many classes as you’d like, we offer swimming, FunFitness Yoga, FunFitness Dance, HIIT and a mother/daughter FunFitness team as well.
To join one of our classes, you go to “Hold” and find the class you want to join. When you find the team for you, you press the green button that says “Tilmeld” (meaning join). It takes you on to Conventus, where you need to be registered as a member to join our classes.

If you already are a member or formerly have joined one of our classes, you scroll down to the bottom of the page, log in with your phone number or email and pay for the class.

If you are new with SheZone, you press the green “Tilmeld” button. You need to fill in your information with name, address, mobile number, email, and birthday on the person who is joining the class. So, if it’s your daughter, you write her name, address, and birthday, but your phone number and email. You will receive confirmation and your password on the email you register when signing up.


Nice to know

  • You pay for your membership once every season.
  • In SheZone we work in seasons. The swimming season is from September till May. Our FunFitness classes are divided in seasons 1 (September-December) and 2 (January-May).
  • You can sign up for the classes in August and in January.
  • You can only sign up to SheZone classes on this website.
  • We are more than happy and ready to help with any questions or sign-up problems. Feel free to call us at 30 30 21 72 or e-mail us at info@shezone.dk.